Personal Training

Personal training sessions last an hour and are targeted to meet your specific needs and goals. Come to the garage, plug in your phone to the speaker, play your favorite jams, and get some good work done. Before booking a personal training session, make sure you book a free intro session so we can talk about your goals and assess your current level.

Small Group Sessions

Small group classes (up to 3 persons) are the perfect way to get the individualized attention of the personal training session, while enjoying the camaraderie, the support and the push of working out next to your buddy.

Nico and Tito moving some weight around and getting tan.

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Sport Specific Coaching

I love working with experienced athletes looking for a robust strength and conditioning program. Depending on your sport and your needs, we can develop a program to boost your athletic capacity in the areas you are lacking. Pricing varies depending on the scope, shoot me an email with all your questions.


If you are a CrossFit athlete wanting to work on your movement, or if you want to become a competitor.  Write me an email including your most recent records, and the areas you want to improve. I will provide specific programming, weekly consultation, and video review. Pricing varies depending on the scope, shoot me an email with all your questions.

Book a free call

Choose a time that’s convenient for your schedule. Make sure you won’t be rushed and you will be in a cool and quiet spot. We will talk for an hour figure out where you are and where you want to go. Whether we decide we should work together or not, you will come out having a next step.